Everyone is blaming BREXIT but really shopping habits have been changing quite dramatically for a long time. In my own household we have moved from weekly shops in multiple retailers (typically Sainsbury’s or Tesco) to discounter (Aldi or Lidl). In addition our convenience purchases have increased. We have moved some of our spend into local convenience retailers and some to speciality retailers such as Waitrose.

We never got into online retail from Tesco or Sainsbury’s – we wanted to choose meat, fish and veg by sight not just by price. I am sure we are not alone.

Our online purchases have skyrocketed not just in grocery but in most areas. There is a disconnect in consumer recognition that doesn’t make me count these purchases as grocery purchases. Traditional measurement platforms linked to checkout data and club card information (Kantar) won’t pick up this move either.

Over half of all retail spend in the UK is in the grocery category and only 5% of it is online. Doesn’t this strike you as something that will change?