Here’s a couple of classic Kwik-Fit ads:

I love both these adverts and the other 20 or so.

First of all they have great standout and even inspired a spoof.

It’s also immediately obvious from the start through to the end exactly what the advert is actually for. Surprisingly most adverts avoid making it clear who client is.

Every advert is also very focused on a USP (boring I know!). The first ad focuses on why you should trust them and the second ad shows the range of people who trust Kwik-Fit (a classic “that’s me ad”).

Jim Downie was at Hall’s Advertising when we came up with “You can’t get better than a Kwik-Fit fitter” and he visibly squirmed as I told him how much I admired these adverts but I actually think they are complete genius and earned Tom Farmer many millions of pounds. I can’t wait to see what Jim does for me.

It also reminds me of some of the arguments I have had with marketing consultants. Their view was that hiring very experienced creative directors who were older was a huge mistake and that instead we should be focusing on the new talent. I think this is completely wrong.